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A Fashion and Marketing US Based company

About F.A.M.U.S.

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Kristine McPherson

F.A.M.U.S. is a Fashion and Marketing United States company, bridging the gaps between influencers and brands around the world. The company was formed when founder, Kristine McPherson, decided to build a bridge between two passions. What better way to describe exactly what the company is than by explicitly stating, we are a fashion and marketing company that was born in the United States.

While the brand says US, the vision is global. As Kristine travels to different destinations, locally, nationally, and internationally, she attends events, meets with others who are part of the industry and spreads knowledge of marketing to those in the industry.

F.A.M.U.S. is new but the premise is old. No better way to market your style than to go to where they meet and start from the core.


What We Do

Fashion Event Coordination and Management

 If you're looking to host a fashion related event, put us to work. We will curate the perfect atmosphere to meet your vision. Let's find the perfect space and bring out just the right audience for your event. From influencers, bloggers, and members of the media, our arms stretch far and wide. There's nothing better than having the right setting for the perfect event. 

Digital Strategy

This is the age of digital but let's figure out what medium and channel makes the most sense for your brand. With a comprehensive digital strategy, we can help you to understand how to build out social content calendars, when and where you should be running banner or search ads, define your target audience and hit them in just the right space and time.

Brand Development

Who knows your audience better than you? Let’s get to the core and understand what you’ve built and what you need to grow it

Public Relations

Need assistance with booking media? Getting placements? Work with us to secure the right media exposure for your brand. 

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